promotes Antivirus 360

The malicious web site is another web-promoter of the rogue security software called Antivirus 360. The web site can shows you a lot of aggressive and repeated security warnings, alerts and false system scans stating your computer is infected with a sort of trojan and it is needed to download Antivirus 360 to cure your computer.

Antivirus 360 Screenshot

Antivirus 360, also known as A360, is a rogue security software, it is a false anti-spyware application that is generally installed in the user’s computer by dangerous trojans (such as Zlob and false video codecs), but it can also be installed manually by the victim.

Once your computer is infected with this parasite, it will immediately displays security warnings, alerts and system scans stating that your computer is heavily infected. These warnings are all false and are only displayed to make you think your computer is truly infected and that it is necessary to buy the full version of the software to remove the so-called infections.

Make sure to not fall in this scam, if your computer is infected with Antivirus 360, it is recommended to remove it immediately and to scan your system with a real security software.

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