Massive Storm_Worm E-Cards and Postcards Spam Emails

These days seem to be very havy the email-spreading of email worms (possible Storm_Bot), in 2 days we received about 20 emails and were all related to postcards and e-cards with attached a ZIP file with name as or Today we received more than 10 spam emails with attached a ZIP file in each email with always the same size:

Email Inbox Screenshot

Size: 292 KB
MD5:  4E54E3C035C16D910739DCD3CBF9CC4D

The files attached have 2 different names:

2 -> extracted -> postcard.exe -> extracted -> e-card.exe

Extracted File Screenshot

Report Generated 27.2.2009 at 15.49.19 (GMT 1)
Filename: postcard.exe
File size: 213 KB
MD5 Hash: BCCA53C83E0ECF43300F9CFEE69C736C
SHA1 Hash: BD42751E226C0FD6366505BBA2AED716012F8AD6
CRC32: 2334073017
Application Type: Executable (EXE) 32bit
Packer detected: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Self-Extract Archive: Nothing found
Binder Detector: Nothing found
Detection Rate: 12 on 22 (40,9 %)

The email message looks like this:

Email Message Screenshot

Make sure to not fall in this scam, if you have received similar emails, it is recommended to not open them and to scan your system with a security software. Check always the header of the email by searching the IP address or the hostname of the sender and then make a query in google to find if it has committed malicious actions.

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