How to remove AntivirusXP Pro (removal instructions)

AntivirusXPPro is a rogue software, it is a false anti-spyware application. AntivirusXPPro is generally installed by trojans (such as zlob or false codecs) or by web downloaders or in rare case manually (because you are redirected to the website by a hidden trojan). After its install it will start to “scan” your computer, or better, it is showed as a scanning process but it is not that clear if it is in real scanning your computer… After the “scanning process” is finished it will show you a lot of infected files detected in your computer… that are FALSE results, the files in most cases not even exist or are trusted and normal programs (such as notepad.exe)!
If you want to remove the inexistent files that were detected you will be asked to buy the full version of the program. AntivirusXPPro will show you also false popup windows where it show you that your computer is infected by spyware.

The malicious website where this program is promoted is:

The file that was downloaded was named SetupAntivirusXP.exe:

Result from virus scanner:

Report Generated 26.2.2009 at 23.44.59 (GMT 1)
Time for scan: 51 seconds
Filename: SetupAntivirusXP.exe
File size: 1711 KB
MD5 Hash: 7A30D12075D517E5F0E1C9B0B423B1D4
SHA1 Hash: 5D6D0071951681C1B7D0EDDC30D1350610F25201
CRC32: 1988118801
Application Type: Executable (EXE) 32bit
Packer detected: Nothing found *
Self-Extract Archive: Nothing found
Binder Detector: Nothing found
ASCII Strings: View
Detection Rate: 3 on 23 (13,04 %)

Antivirus Sig Version Result
a-squared 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
Avira AntiVir TR/Fakeinit.A.5
Avast 090225-1 Nothing found!
AVG 270.11.3/1973 FakeAlert.GM
BitDefender 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
ClamAV 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
Comodo 986 Nothing found!
Dr.Web 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
Ewido 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
F-PROT 6 20090226 Nothing found!
IkarusT3 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
Kaspersky 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
McAfee 23/02/2009 Nothing found!
MHR (Malware Hash Registry) 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
NOD32 v3 3893 Win32/Adware.AntiSpyware2008
Norman 2009/02/25 Nothing found!
Panda 07/02/2009 Nothing found!
QuickHeal 26 February, 2009 Nothing found!
Solo Antivirus 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
Sophos 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
TrendMicro 869(586900) Nothing found!
VBA32 26/02/2009 Nothing found!
VirusBuster 10.101.25 Nothing found!

AntivirusXPPro created these files:

C:\Program Files\AntivirusXP
C:\Program Files\AntivirusXP\Suspicious
C:\Program Files\AntivirusXP\Infected
C:\Program Files\AntivirusXP\AntivirusXP.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\AntivirusXP.lnk
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu\Programs\AntivirusXP
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu\Programs\AntivirusXP\AntivirusXP.lnk

It added also a registry key to be able to start everytime windows OS is started:


And below there is an image of the program while it is “scanning”:

We can see from the image that AntivirusXPPro detected 3 files, I checked the folders and the detected files not even exist in my system.

How to remove AntivirusXP Pro ?

Download, Install and Update NVT Malware Remover Tool then scan your computer and remove infected files found.

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